5 Effective SEO Blogging Tips for First Timers

You will find hundreds of blogs on the internet written on a particular topic, but what can you do to  give your blogs that extra edge over others? Your blog can end up on the first page of Google search by using search engine optimized keywords. Read on and know how you can make the most of SEO tools to make sure people actually get a chance to read your blogs.

Take Time to Research Keywords


You have to understand the average user’s mindset and know how they use Google to search for information. For instance, let us assume that you are writing a blog on ‘Ways to Prevent the Risk of Heart Attacks’. ‘Prevent’ is the main word in the topic and also the main keyword phrase of your blog.

There are two other synonyms for ‘prevent’ that are ‘halt’ and ‘avert’. To research keywords, you can use Google Ad Words Keyword Tool to find which keyword is popularly used by users to search for heart attack prevention tips. After doing a thorough research, you can change the keywords to give your blog extensive search engine exposure.

Checking Keyword Density


Use an online keyword density tool to check keyword density. The job of the keyword density tool is to find out and show the most used keywords in the article after ignoring commonly used words. Rewrite the blog if the words that show up on top of the list are not relevant to your blog or not fitting in perfectly. The higher the number of keywords in your blog, it is more likely that your work will end up being displayed on Google.

Tagging Images


Analysis of website content is done by sifting through the text for relevant keywords but tagging images is equally important too. Whenever you add an image in your blog, remember to use the word ‘text’ in the image tag rather than the description. That way, there is a chance that your article’s image will be seen on Google images. If you are using Word Press, there is a field where you can add an alt tag to an image.

Don’t Overuse Flash and Embedded Movies


Another big ‘no no’ when it comes to writing SEO blog articles is extensive use of flash imagery and embedded movies. The reason why these are not good for your blog is that they can slow down the user’s web browser and if the user tries to access the content from his phone, he might not be able to open the page even because some phones do not support flash movies.

Excellent Use of Words


Make sure your blog is free from grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and most importantly, refrain from using jargon. People prefer reading blogs that are written in simple English rather than difficult words that not every average reader can fathom.

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