Designing Websites for Marketing & SEO in Orange County

Today’s search engines are constantly altering their sophisticated algorithms, making SEO experts’ jobs increasingly more challenging. In addition to external links and on site content, a website’s design is also becoming an important factor in how the site gets ranked. So, when trying to find Orange County website design services or quality Irvine web design, make sure to find a competent Orange County web design company that understands the importance of web design for proper SEO. In fact, your designer and SEO specialist should collaborate from the start.

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 Here are essential elements they must consider when optimizing web design for SEO:

Frames: Don’t use them. They look bad and make it hard for search engines to read your site.

Splash Pages / All-Java Sites: Designers want to create attractive pages, but real navigation and internal linking to content can’t be compromised. Search engines can’t read Java. Further, users often give up on Java sites due to slow loading. If a Splash page is an absolute must, include plenty of content and global navigation links within the page body. Better yet, try text-based CSS3 instead.

Images: Don’t primarily use images for navigation. Use text-over-image designs with cascading style sheets when you’re able. Optimize all images, compressing them to between 30 and 120kb with a 72dpi for fast loading. Employ the “alt tag” attribute. Never use images in place of content. Use correct H1 tags.

Breadcrumbs: Use text links so that search engines can read them and discern navigation hierarchy.

Header Text: Use this to establish order of importance in content.

Layout:  Include footer and global navigation links on every page.

Footer Links: Good performance requires proper internal linking through text. This is a good place for the privacy policy, terms of use, and sitemap links, as well as social media links.

Videos:  Again, search engines can’t read Java, so embed your videos directly from YouTube, which is making videos more “crawlable” now that Google acquired it.

Pop-ups: Browsers block them, users hate (and close) them, and search engine won’t index them. Just say no.

404 Error Page: Customize these; add links bringing users back to the site.

Geo-redirecting on Multi-language Sites: Have a “pick your language” option on the home page instead of geo-redirecting to avoid directing users away from where you want them.

Optimizing Content: First, be sure your URL is helpful to users and search engines. Include quality original content not borrowed from elsewhere, avoiding repetition/over-optimization so that search engines don’t read the content as spam. Use a variety of keywords based on brand terminology, what you do, location, etc., since head terms like these are your opportunity to compete. Be creative with long tail or short tail terms that relate to your content. Use Google’s keyword tool, Moz, Market Samurai, and the Google’s auto-complete feature for researching commonly searched phrases.

Web Design Content Creation

Include key terms everywhere: Your product copy, primary page, business slogans, graphic descriptions, domain, image alt text, footer links, sitemap, internal and external links, navigation menus, bullet points, keywords, meta descriptions, title tags, header tags, and title attributes in links.

Include a semantically correct drop-down menu containing categories and subcategories. Logical semantic organization like this makes sense to Google and users.

Social Media: Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Increase visibility with “share” buttons on your site. Make sure that the messages on the social media platforms reflect the initial design or layout of your new website. Making sure that you incorporate catchy #HashTags and visuals will help lead traffic to and from your website and social media pages.


 When seeking quality web design in Orange County and elsewhere, be sure to look for a company that integrates SEO with all design and redesign – so that your great-looking website actually gets the traffic your organization merits. Thorough design that considers how today’s search engines really work – and employs effective visual and contextual elements – is definitely the type of web design Orange County needs today.

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