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Researchers Investigated Internet-Connected Surveillance Cameras, What They Found is Unbelievable

At Noxster Orange, we offer premier web development and web design services. When it comes to Orange County social media consultants, we can provide insight into the management of your various accounts as well as help produce original, creative content. One of the most inconvenient things that can happen to your social media accounts or online presence, is hacking and hacker related. Nowadays, people must be more aware of online dangers.

This month, our guest blog comes from Excedeo, the IT Support Professionals. Since 2003, Excedeo has served the San Diego area with premier IT Support Services. From Managed IT Services, Office 365 Upgrades, to Business IT Support Services and everything in between, our expert IT help desk has experience consulting small and medium-sized businesses.

Their recent blog cautions against Internet-connected surveillance cameras and references a jaw-dropping study from Shodan, the search engine dedicated to Internet-connected devices like buildings, smart appliances, webcams, and more. Read on to learn more about this unnerving online phenomenon.

There’s a reason why IT professionals think that the Internet of things is a major security discrepancy. Around 5.5 million new devices are being connected to the Internet every day, and are giving security experts a run for their money. The Internet of Things and its devices could potentially become a security hazard for businesses that aren’t prepared to protect their assets from hacks.

It’s not unheard of for users of Internet of Things devices to forget to secure them, especially in the case of security cameras. If this happens, an unsecured security camera that’s connected to the Internet can be used for some nefarious things. Lisa Vaas of Naked Security reported on a study saying that these IoT devices have plenty of security holes. Her report, “DVR snaps stills from CCTV surveillance and sends them to China,” goes into detail about findings from researchers at UK-based Pen Test Partners.

The study analyzed data from Shodan, the search engine dedicated to Internet-connected devices like buildings, smart appliances, webcams, and so much more. These researchers chose to focus on Internet-connected surveillance cameras.

Just a quick note: we want everyone who uses web-connected security cameras to know that even an average PC user can create a Shodan account and use it to search for, access, view, and control unsecured cameras. We weren’t sure how well this works, but it definitely does. Take a moment to view these stills from random surveillance cameras that we came across on Shodan:

See the unbelievable photos by clicking here.

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