The 5 Minute SEO Audit

In this digital age, hiring a SEO company to optimize your website for higher page ranks is a necessity more than an option. However, this does not mean that you do not have to perform SEO yourself to some extent. No matter how competent your SEO Company is, you need to keep a check on your website’s optimization yourself at all times too. Just a quick glance, skimming through essentials or doing a SEO audit would do.

Here is a quick way to perform a 5 minute SEO audit for your website without professional help:

Check Your Traffic Overview


There are any traffic overview tools available online for you to check how your website is performing. We recommend You can visit the website and enter your root domain to get a snapshot of your website traffic. It will provide you details such as the volume of search entries, comparison of organic traffic and PPC traffic, details of keywords such as top 5 keywords and their positions and your competing websites and their details.

Check How You Appear At the SERPs


Search for your brand name or your business name at search engines like Google and Bing and see how they appear on the SERPs. You need to check a number of things like, at which rank does your website appear and on which landing pages links appear? How does the title tags and meta descriptions look on the SERPs? Are they interesting enough to increase the click through rate? Is your website a part of Knowledge Graph on the right hand side bar and are there any websites appearing on the SERPs which are negatively publicizing your website?

Look For Technical Errors


To find out any technical error, you need to check the root domain and if there exists any robot.txt. If the robot.txt does occur, look for sources of canonical issues and see if these robot.txt are blocking any content. Check if your 301 redirects are appropriately redirecting to your website without any glitch.

Your Website Appearance


Look at your website with the eye of the user. How does the homepage looks? Is it interesting enough to browse around more? Does the page loads quickly enough for navigation purposes?
You can also use different SEO tools to how different on page elements appear on the page and if you do have all the elements for SEO purposes. Check for errors like if there is any hidden text, check whether all image alt tags are appropriately used, and see if the header tags are in line with the title tags and Meta tags, with the appropriate use of keywords.

Social Media Rankings


Social media networks form a critical part of SEO. Go to any known search engine like Google and Bing and search for your brand name along with different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. See how the results appear. Do all your social media profiles rank high? Also, visit all of the social media profiles and see how each profile looks. Check for errors and mistakes in status posts, new images uploads and customer interaction. Using these simple steps, you can quickly assess your website’s optimization and see which areas need improvement the most.

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