The 6 Latest SEO Techniques You Can Use Without the Fear of Becoming Counter Productive

SEO takes time and effort. Small businesses who are looking to do SEO or search engine optimization themselves are finding it harder and harder to compete against companies with bigger budgets and more resources. There are over 250 different variables that go into online marketing and SEO. Certain techniques take an absorbent amount of time and energy only to make you dig deep into your personal time and resources. But some of those techniques can backfire when used in the wrong way however, here are seven solid SEO techniques that won’t let you down.

Establish a Line of Communication for Your Customers











You may have a perfectly functional, good looking website, but your customers will never know about it if you do not create an online presence for your business on various social media networks. Whether it is a Facebook page or a Twitter account, create a mode of direct communication where they can inquire about your product, know about discounts and promotional offers and give their valuable feedback. Being active on social media will never do your business any harm; it will only be beneficial for luring in customers. Not to mention it benefits your SEO and becoming the social authority within you marketplace.

Keep Your Website Up To Date


Do not make the mistake of not updating the content section of your website regularly. Some companies will tell you blogging is the key to content development but putting the content in the right section of your website is paramount. Putting up all your content as a blog isn’t always the best way to generate a ranking. Not posting content shows Google signs of neglect. Not to mention it will affect your sales directly because existing and potential customers want to see updated information and info related to the products or services being offered by the company. Also, make sure that the blogs are written in an engaging style that keeps the readers interested in reading the content.

Don’t Avoid Social Bookmarking Sites








Adding new content related to the product or service you are offering on social bookmarking sites can be a major plus point. This will spread information regarding your product and business and generate traffic on your website. So word to the wise, do not forget to add relevant content on Digg and StumbleUpon. Your blogs should also have easily usable social sharing buttons to encourage sharing of content.

Eradicate All Duplicate Content







The only surefire way to bring your website on top is to incorporate completely original and informative content on your website. This is one technique that will never be counterproductive. In fact, it will do wonders for your website. But also remember to keep your web content free from technical jargon and project the benefits of your product in customer understandable form.


Promote Your Product on YouTube



If the product you are offering is a beauty product, then the best place to advertise your product and express its benefits by uploading tutorial videos. This will give the customers a comprehensive understanding of how your product works. YouTube is one of the best platforms for promoting products of all kinds and sharing tutorial videos.

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