The Key Elements in a Successful Orange County SEO Campaign

When considering Orange County search engine optimization, one may think of SEO as a simple matter of fitting as many keywords onto a web page as possible, buseo-campaignt the reality is that SEO has become a much more precise and sophisticated science. In fact, over-optimization is now penalized by search engines, and this includes not only general overuse (or unnatural use) of keywords but also over-optimizing anchor text that appears within a website, as well as using anything less than the highest quality content.

You know what not to do, but what should you be doing? The type of SEO company Orange County businesses need for a successful marketing campaign must take into consideration the following four elements:

Keyword Research

For effective marketing, good keywords are extremely important and should be carefully researched, starting with the most general phrases and then finding long tail keywords that relate to each – and then long tail keywords that relate to those, etc. Search for lateral keywords as well (words with the same meaning – for example, “recruiting” and “recruitment.”) When considering online marketing, the kind of SEO Orange County, CA businesses employ absolutely must have a solid grasp of good keyword research.


The SEO services Orange County companies require must also understand the importance of high quality content. First and foremost, this means content that has not been copied from elsewhere. Instead, the content must provide site visitors with something of real value, such as FAQs, fact sheets, guides, and articles that discuss practical applications.

Page Titles

For today’s search engines, page titles (title tags) must be concise and use keywords tactfully. They should be between 64 and 70 characters in length and be written in the form of a sentence that’s free of keyword repetition. The point of page titles is to get consumers to want to click or otherwise take action, so they should also be compelling and creative.

Conversion Optimization

The new standard in an Orange County SEO company is to focus on CRO (conversion rate optimization) – and for good reason. A number of elements of the website (including not just page copy but also banners, buttons, calls-to-action, and graphics such as images) must be optimized in order to entice visitors to take whichever specific action is desired. Therefore, of course, it is essential to first know what your conversion goals for the website are. Do you want visitors to complete a registration or contact form? Make a purchase? Sign up? Opt in? Once you are clear on what you’re after, you can then have the site designed and continuously tested accordingly.

Regardless of what kind of business you’re in, you will want to make sure to only consider Orange County SEO services that are up-to-date in their practices. They must have an excellent handle on how top-quality keyword research and content – as well as well-written, concise page titles – all work together with CRO to make your online marketing campaign a wise and profitable investment.

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