What Your Company Logo Says About You

A logo signifies the professionalism, ideology and the commitment of a business. It gives the customers, the general perception of their services and products. It is the logo basically, that helps to give identity to an organization, company or business. Branding

Have you ever wondered that why do the companies need to spend so much time with heavy investment on branding? Do you consider logo an element of promotion for your business? Most people undervalue how much a logo makes an impact on your website’s first impression.

Your company logo has a lot to say about you and your business and therefore, has immense potential to make significant contribution in determining your online success. All the top companies know the importance of a well thought-out and a well-designed logo.

Consider the logos of the reputable brand names, such as ‘Nike’, ‘Home Depot’, ‘Volkswagen’ and similarly, other popular brands. Can you figure out that how have the customers developed the affiliation and recognition of the company through their logos?

Your Logo Is the Face of Your Company

Your logo says a lot about your management, your company and your offerings. It is a strong and powerful tool of communication –creating your recognition in the market through a graphic display. The colors, design, font – each aspect of your logo has a meaning and conveys a message to your customers.

Have you ever noticed how easily you can recognize a BMW or a Mercedes just by looking at their logo? How do you want your customers to see you? What value of your company do you want to put forth in the market? For example, The Mercedes Company with their tri-star logo wants to communicate their dominance of commute over the three modes: air, land and sea.

Your Logo Wins the Customer Loyalty

Use your logo wherever possible, so that it gets ingrained in the minds of your customers. Once the customers develop a strong affiliation with your logo, they will become your loyal customers and would prefer your company while making the purchases.

For example, a Sony user will go for Sony appliances whenever they want to buy an electronic item such as plasmas, LCDs, Laptops, Sound Systems etc.

Your Company Logo Shows Your Commitment to the Business


A professionally designed logo does great benefit to your business; it establishes you, as a quality product providers – it entitles your products as the ‘branded’ items. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and you would be able to win over their hearts.

In the world of business, your company’s image plays an important role in earning good business to your organization. Moreover, logo is something you stick with for several years, may be, till the existence of your organization.

Logo defines your business. After all, it is one of the symbols that help your customers to identify your company. Hence, bringing alterations to it can pose several risks, specifically to those who have lately turned as your customers.

It is for these reasons, that it is always advised to get your company logo designed by a professional graphic designer, so that your logo encompasses all the factors that are important to be considered while coming up with the perfect logo.

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